Thursday, March 1, 2012

More Tests Today

This stupid cancer thing really stinks!!!! I am trying my best to stay positive and upbeat but its getting harder everyday. I did have a wonderful talk with a great pastor today and he gave me the spiritual guidance and support that I needed!!!

Today I found out that it has spread to my lymph nodes. At least one is involved we will find out how many more during surgery and they will be removed. We do not have a defiant date yet but it should be the week of March 12-16 one of those days. I was prepared for the news that it was in the lymph and just pray that it is nowhere else.

I had a CT scan of chest and abdominal area and a bone scan today. It was kind of a funny story with the bone scan. First of all the nurse hurt really bad when she was trying to start my IV to put the contrast in. She blew a vein in my hand and it still hurts, oh well I guess I better toughen up huh!!! But the other nurse tried and she got it on the first stick and didn't hurt a bit....I like her!!!

So I had to go drink 32 oz of some yummy stuff. Which actually tasted pretty good since I had nothing to drink since before midnight. (Emma told me, if you get thirsty mommy just drink your spit, she's so funny). After I drank that and waited 45 minutes they took me in for the CT scan. The nurse put the stuff in my IV for that test. She warned me that I would feel warm starting from my head and going to my toes and it would feel like I wet my pants. Well she was so right. I got hot from my head and went all the way down and I was certain I had wet my pants. That is the weirdest feeling.

Then I had to wait about an hour to have the bone scan done. My mom was in there with me and the scan was almost finished, when the tech started acting really worried. She finally told me to slip my pants down around my knees. When I did that, the stuff that was glowing went away. She said maybe some pee splattered on your pants when you went to the bathroom...Ewww or maybe I really did pee!! Then she started looking at my upper body and it had places all lit up too. So I then had to remove my shirt and put on a gown. Those places went away too. I then remembered that when the girl did my CT that a little of the solution squirted out and must have went on my clothes causing them to be radioactive. My mom and the tech was about to freak out because it looked like my bones were covered!!! As far as we know that test is clear, after I stripped down she said nothing else glowed! Yay!!! We should know the results from both of those tomorrow.

I did get great news yesterday:) The BRCA1 andBRCA2 test came back negative. This means I'm not a carrier of the breast cancer gene. This is great news for my future, my sister and my daughter!!!

I still am overwhelmed with the kindness that everyone is showing to me and my family!!! It's very touching and helping me get through this. I know I have lots of tough days down the road but I'm keeping my head up!

God Bless,


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