Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hurry Up and Wait!!

Friday started as such a great day. My mom and I had plans to meet my wonderful aunt Brenda in Floyd at Schoolhouse Fabrics and shop for curtain fabric for my living room and just have a girls day. No doctor appointments were scheduled.

I received a call around 10 am from my surgeons office saying he wanted me to see the plastic surgeon and they could see me today at 1:00. I was kind of suprised and said no not today. Then my mom said you better take that appointment. So I did call back and get it. As soon as I hung up the phone the surgeon called. He was actually out of the office doing some kind of training and called me to let me know my MRI results.

It seems there is another lump in my breast, this makes three in my left breast. The third one is deeper in the tissue, not sure what that means yet. This means I will have to have a mastectomy on this side. The MRI also showed fibrocistic changes in my right breast that they wanted to check further with ultra sound. It also showed an enlarged lymph node under my left arm that needs to biopsied this week. My dr seems to think this was just enlarged as a reaction to the first biopsy. I'm praying he's right.

So I have decided to have a double mastectomy. If I'm getting one removed I my as well remove both and not have the worries. The plastic surgeon is great. He said we can have the reconstruction done at the same time as the surgery or later on. I have opted for the same time because it will only be one surgery and one healing time. This surgery really scares me and I know it will be so different. Travis and I are really trying to laugh about it. He said I can't pick out new ones without him!!! He has to approve...haha!

I will meet the oncologist Dr. Goldschmidt (sp) on Tuesday. From then I guess I will have the ultrasound and biopsy of the lymph one day this week. My surgeon is out of town this week, but I hope that the surgery will be scheduled for the following week. I'm ready to get this cancer out of me so I can start healing.

Today I was so humbled. I received gifts of money, cards, food and lots of paper products!!! Some money and cards came from people I have never met. There are lots of wonderful people out there that are showing how much they love and care. God is so good. I have to remember to honor him and give him the glory and remember that there will be people that fail me but he never will!

I have had pastors that I have never met call me just to pray over the phone!!! This has meant so much to me and I thank these men and their churches for everything. The devil likes to magnify the bad when we should be focused on the good.

I will keep you all updated as I find out. For now I will hurry up and wait!!!

Thank you all for the prayers and support. You will never know what it means.

Love you all,


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