Wednesday, May 9, 2012


It has been two weeks since my first chemo treatment.  I'm very happy to report that I feel great.

I have been very lucky and blessed not to be sick.  The only side effects that I have had so far have been loss of appetite (not a bad thing for me) but it has come back, diarrhea for a few days (Immodium was my best friend) and joint pain from the Nulesta shot to boost my white blood cells.  All in all I would say chemo is not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.  God is good!!!

One thing that I am having trouble with is the hair loss.  It has really started falling out a lot.  The shower drain was full this morning.  I have really tried to prepare for it but I don't think you can ever be truly prepared for losing your hair.  As a woman our hair is such an important part of our identity.  Not that I have long, beautiful locks.  I have always had a love/hate relationship with my hair and I've said on more than one occasion "I should just shave it all off and get a wig."

Well now I have the wig and am facing the reality of shaving it all off and it scares me to death.  I know its just hair and it will grow back eventually.  This is just one more bump in the road and if it takes losing my hair to get rid of this horrible disease then I will gladly take a few months of baldness.

On the plus side it shouldn't take me very long to get ready at all .  I'm also having fun looking for pretty scarves and hats too!!!

Thanks again for all the prayers and kindness that has been shown to me and my family.  We are forever greatful.

My next treatment is next Wednesday May 16.

God Bless you all!



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  1. You are going to be the most beautiful bald woman ever! I love you so much!